Reconstructive Microsurgery: The Future is Today


20. November 2015 - 21. November 2015

Ort: New York

Course Description

Current advances in reconstruction and microsurgery surgery, including new techniques and safety recommendations are not being disseminated in a single educational activity. There is no course, currently available, that is purely reconstructive and covers topics from A-Z. This course intends to bring experts with a great deal of experience in all areas of reconstructive surgery together for the first time. This program will cover reconstructive issues that occur throughout the body. We will address the upper extremity, lower extremity, chest wall, abdomen, perineum, head and neck, breast and lymphatic system. The course will provide cutting edge reconstructive information on all these topics from renowned experts in their respective fields. The program will address all of the factors relative to surgical indications and selection of appropriate techniques for reconstruction within these areas.This course will include lectures on all commonly performed flaps and associated reconstructive techniques including extensive discussion of microsurgery. The goal is to update and expand the knowledge base of practicing reconstructive surgeons. We will deal with commonly faced reconstructive issues in each region of the body. The practicing reconstructive surgeon may be faced with a problem requiring treatment in any part of the body and this course should help give up-to-date information and treatment options for successful management of these reconstructive issues. It is also the goal to present new areas of expansion in reconstructive surgery. We will have sessions dedicated to new reconstructive management strategies and techniques including lymphatic surgery, transgender surgery, abdominal wall reconstruction, perforator flap techniques and supermicrosurgery. There is no course that is more comprehensive or offers the breadth of information on reconstructive surgery than this one will. We will also feature live surgery including a microvascular perforator flap reconstruction and a local perforator flap reconstruction.

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